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February 22, 2013

Last Friday, we asked Twitter for songs about the brain or the mind to add to a playlist the Barbican is putting together for Wonder. Below is a Storify of what people suggested.

You can also hear the whole playlist on Spotify

  1. Know any good songs about the mind or brain? We’re helping @BarbicanCentre with #wonderseason playlist. Tag #mindtunes & we can find them.
  2. @wellcometrust Saw someone walking along High Holborn playing Insanse in the Brain out loud on a boombox the other day…. #mindtunes
  3. @ayasawada @wellcometrust that particular #mindtunes sounds better played on a stereo hoisted on someone’s shoulder. Just a suggestion.
  4. @wellcometrust general science tunes: Science Is Real by They Might Be Giants. The entire album. #mindtunes #wonderseason
  5. @wellcometrust Lee Scratch Perry – “I’m a psychatrist” from “Panic in Babylon” #lesserknown #mindtunes
  6. The Lunatics (have taken over the asylum) – Fun Boy Three #mindtunes
  7. #MindTunes The theme tune from Pinky and the Brain (sorry, yes this one’s a bit weak…) #wonderseason
  8. @wellcometrust #mindtunes I have a song ‘Perfect World’ (by KTB) about psychosis and distortion of reality.
  9. @wellcometrust All In Your Mind, Beck; You Don’t Know My Mind, Leadbelly; Where is My Mind? Pixies #mindtunes
  10. @wellcometrust From ‘mind’ search of my iTunes: the Pixies one you have; Suspicious Minds (Presley) & Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols) #mindtunes
  11. Great #mindtunes suggestions so far (click the hashtag to see). Keep them coming! #wonderseason
  12. #TMBSKids @wellcometrust after after tunes that involve the brain and mind #CanUHelp ??? Tweet suggestions to them with hashtag #mindtunes
  13. #mindtunes Way in my Brain, SL2, Crash Course in Brain Surgery (Metallica), Brainstorm (Arctic Monkeys)’
  14. @wellcometrust Oo, iTunes also lists Mastermind (Divine Comedy); Read My Mind (The Killers) & Always Something There To Remind Me #mindtunes
  15. @wellcometrust @barbicancentre #wonderseason #mindtunes
    Suspicious Minds -Elvis, Aht Uh Mi Hed – Shuggie Otis, Voices inside my Head -Police
  16. Following on from @amyplatypus with another Elvis classic – “You were always on my mind” #mindtunes
  17. Surely must have been said already but….Where’s your head at?! Basement Jaxx #mindtunes
  18. ‘Where is my mind’ Pixies, ‘Schizophrenia’ Sonic Youth, ‘Sound & Vision’ Bowie, ‘What goes on (in your mind)’ Velvet Underground #mindtunes
  19. @wellcometrust #mindtunes Aretha Franklin – Think, Radiohead- Scatterbrain, anything by Stevie #Wonderseason ?
  20. #wonderseason #mindtunes @wellcometrust @barbicancentre Mad World — Tears for Fears. Oh You Pretty Things (Bowie) is about mental illness
  21. Crash Course in Brain Surgery (Budgie – Metallica version is a cover) #mindtunes
  22. Brain Salad Surgery, b-side to Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Fanfare for the Common Man, although not on the album of that name #mindtunes
  23. And let’s not forget Josh Wink’s Higher State of Consciousness #mindtunes
  24. @ayasawada Couldn’t possibly have #mindtunes without a bit of classic acid 😉
  25. insane in the membrane, you were always on my mind, losing my mind #mindtunes
  26. Thanks for all your #mindtunes suggestions – a great eclectic mix! Keep them coming. You’ll hear them @ #wonderseason

More suggestions? Put it in the comments or tweet us on #mindtunes or #wonderseason.

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