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Brains in motion: Talking Heads (Rebuilding language after stroke)

March 14, 2013

About the film

Stroke can affect any part of the brain, resulting in the death of tissue vital for the brains normal functions – language, for example. In this film, we meet Tess and Michael, both of whom have had a stroke affecting language but in very different ways. We also meet Professor Cathy Price and Dr Alex Leff of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging‘s Language Group, a team using fMRI to better understand how language works in the brains of both healthy volunteers and stroke patients in the hope that understanding one will help rehabilitate the other.

A film by Barry J Gibb.

We have posted this film as part of our Brains in Motion series. If you’re enjoying Brains in Motion, why not check out Wonder on Film at the Barbican? A selection of feature films themed around the human mind will be screened between now and April 10th as part of the Wonder season.

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