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Brains in motion: Inside the Brain

March 15, 2013

About the film

For this film, the Big Picture team met Sarah Scott, a charming young woman who experienced a stroke at the age of 18 whilst still at school. Now 22, Sarah is slowly recovering but continues to experience problems with both written and spoken language.

For this film, Sarah kindly agreed to visit the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, submitting to a brain scan in their massive MRI machine. While there, Sarah also took advantage of the opportunity to quiz the people behind the scanner and the scientists who study the images it produces, in the hope that they might discover clues to help present and future stroke patients.

A film by Barry J Gibb.

We have posted this film as part of our Brains in Motion series. If you’re enjoying Brains in Motion, why not check out Wonder on Film at the Barbican? A selection of feature films themed around the human mind will be screened between now and April 10th as part of the Wonder season.

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